Our Team


A photo of Angela Drake.

Angela Drake
Attorney | Director

A photo of Brigadier General Richard Gregg Maxon.

Brigadier General Richard Gregg Maxon

A photo of Martha Bradley.

Martha Bradley
Attorney | Thomas Fellow
(Tigers for Troops Director)

A photo of Eugene O'loughlin.

Eugene O’Loughlin
Veterans Service Specialist

A photo of Mary Frerking.

Mary Frerking
Record Retention & Management

Nicki Eatinger-Sprague
Executive Assistant


Fall 2023 Student Advocates

Photo of Abby Schmidt

     Abby Schmidt

Photo of Alex Hockman

   Alex Hockman

Photo of Blaine Wyse

      Blaine Wyse

Photo of Carhvel Vizitei

   Charvel Vizitei

Photo of Clayton Hamby

  Clayton Hamby

Photo of Erin France

     Erin France

Photo of Logan Moore

     Logan Moore

Photo of Madison Beckham

Madison Beckham

Photo of Max Mosley

      Max Mosley

Photo of Parker Owens

    Parker Owens

   Patrick Carney