Show-Me Collaboration: (Law School & Medical School Partnership)

The Show-Me Collaboration is an innovative program between the Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic and the University of Missouri School of Medicine. This partnership combines the expertise of medical and law students to enhance the Clinic’s mission of securing Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation benefits for veterans.

The Mission

Through the Show-Me Collaboration, Mizzou medical students work alongside law students and staff at the Veterans Clinic to review medical records and provide expert guidance on medical issues. This integration of medical knowledge significantly strengthens the Clinic’s capacity to advocate effectively for veterans.

Program Origin

The idea for this program was conceived by Mark Buck, a veteran, a practicing doctor, and then second-year law student at Mizzou Law. During his time as a student in the Veterans Clinic, he recognized the value his medical expertise brought to assisting with veterans’ files and envisioned a formal partnership with the medical school.

Leadership Support

Richard J. Barohn, executive vice chancellor for Health Affairs and dean of the MU School of Medicine, and Paul Litton, dean of Mizzou Law, support this collaboration as a means to leverage the knowledge and skills of both medical and law students to provide invaluable benefits to veterans free of charge. Medical students will play a crucial role in understanding and addressing the complex medical issues veterans face.


Since its inception, the Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic has been dedicated to helping veterans and their families secure disability benefits and discharge upgrades, at no charge. Supervised by experienced attorneys, law students have helped successfully secured more than $16 million in compensation for veterans and their families. The Show-Me Collaboration enhances this work by providing the necessary medical insights to tackle complex disability claims effectively.