Veterans Clinic Classroom

The Experience

Student work is done at the Regional Office and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals levels, the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, and various federal courts. Students are supervised by an experienced attorney at each step and have the opportunity to work in a law firm atmosphere within the law school serving real client needs. Law students interested in personal injury, civil litigation or administrative law will benefit from the skills taught in this clinic.

The Veterans Clinic course includes a weekly lecture on the substantive law relating to veterans’ benefits, followed by work with the actual veteran files. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Interview clients, witnesses and medical personnel.
  • Research and develop the law and facts of the case, draft documents and prepare briefs
  • Interact with other practitioners in the area of federal veterans law, thereby encouraging networking developments.

The Veterans Clinic is designed to teach a host of practical skills, including law firm and time management, client interviewing and counseling, problem-solving, legal theory development, data collection, witness statements, medical records analysis and appellate brief writing. Importantly, the clinic highlights the importance of pro bono work in a lawyer’s professional life while serving the needs of our veterans on behalf of a grateful nation.

The Veterans Clinic also participates in high-level amicus briefing, event planning, rural veteran outreach initiatives, presentations, and more. Students taking the Clinic as a class can anticipate assisting staff in all area of Clinic business.

Academic Credits

Students who take the Veterans Clinic as a class receive 4 graded credits. These credits are considered experiential credits. In addition to the two hours of classroom education per week, students can expect to work roughly 11 hours per week outside of class on Clinic business for a rough total of 150 hours.


Veterans Clinic students are supervised by experienced attorneys and staff within the Clinic. Students can expect to meet with supervising attorneys weekly.