Rural Veteran Service Program (Tigers for Troops)

In 2019, the Veterans Clinic launched an exciting new initiative called “Tigers for Troops” to provide assistance to veterans in rural Missouri. Under the program, the Clinic partners with University of Missouri Extension to have students and supervising attorneys visit extension offices throughout the state to educate veterans about available resources, as well as to assist them with disability claims and appeals and discharge upgrades. This program serves the vital purpose of giving rural veterans access to resources they normally would not have.

The Tigers for Troops Program is directed by the Clinic’s Thomas Fellow. Martha Bradley Kleinhesselink, an attorney in the Veterans Clinic, currently serves as the Clinic’s Thomas Fellow and directs the Tigers for Troops program.


As part of the program, clinic personnel also train attorneys on veterans’ law to increase the number of attorneys qualified to help veterans in Missouri’s rural areas as well as accept referrals from the Veterans Clinic. If you or your law firm would like the Clinic to provide training for you to represent veterans with their VA claims, please contact us. Additionally, if you are attorney that would like to accept referrals from the Veterans Clinic, please contact us.

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