A Message from the Clinic Founder

A photo of Angela Drake.

Angela Drake, Clinic Founder

This note is bittersweet because it is my last newsletter message for the Veterans Clinic.  I am very excited to start enjoying retirement at the end of the year! The Clinic has truly been an exceptional part of my life and I will be forever grateful to all of the friends, colleagues, students and veterans who made the journey so rich. I often hear people say, “I have no words,” and now I fully understand the phrase. There is simply no way I can acknowledge each person who supported my efforts and the Clinic’s work over the past ten years. Suffice it to say, it was an extraordinary time because of the people I encountered. I will cherish many, many fond memories as I swing wildly on the golf course.

I am completely at peace with the decision to retire because Brent Filbert is in place and more than ready to lead the charge. Brent is, unquestionably, the finest candidate we could have found to direct the Clinic’s work in the future.  Brent’s high level litigation background (including work in toxic torts) and his honorable military service in the Navy JAG Corps are most certainly impressive credentials. And, Brent’s earlier work in in the Clinic  – from 2018-2021 – is a great harbinger of future success. Brent’s past work in the Clinic led to an entirely new branch of substantive work (discharge upgrades) and increased the Clinic’s financial footing exponentially.  We are still benefiting from the work he did five  years ago.

In short, Brent has a proven and successful track record. That he is a true son of Mizzou is the frosting on the cake. His father, Gary Filbert, is a Mizzou legend, having coached with Norm Stewart and founded the Show-Me State Games. Brent’s children, like Brent and his twin, are University of Missouri alums.  To be sure, Brent’s commitment to both Mizzou and the Clinic is genuine.

Lawyers are not in the business of making guarantees, but I am completely confident the Clinic will reach new heights under Brent’s dedicated direction. I’m looking forward to watching from the sidelines and I trust you will be cheering him on with me!

Message from the Director

a photo of brent filbert

Brent Filbert, Clinic Director

I am honored and fortunate to take over from Angela as the Veterans Clinic Director. Ten years ago, she started the Clinic from nothing and has built it into one of the premier veteran legal clinics in the nation. So, I have big shoes to fill for sure, but I know the Clinic is on firm footing and ready to reach new heights. I will strive everyday to increase the Clinic’s capacity to help veterans and to educate law students. My goal is to one day never have the Clinic turn away a deserving veteran due to lack of capacity. This will require a unyielding commitment to the success of the Clinic and the veterans we serve. We will do so in an enthusiastic and humble manner on behalf of a grateful nation.