Brent Filbert Named NIMJ Fellow

a photo of brent filbertUniversity of Missouri School of Law Veterans Clinic Director Brent Filbert has been named a fellow at the National Institute of Military Justice (NIMJ).

Professor Filbert was selected as a fellow of the institute based on his abilities and expertise in the fields of military law and veterans law. He will serve a two-year term as fellow, from 2023-2025.

“To become a fellow in the National Institute of Military Justice is an amazing honor,” Filbert said. “The NIMJ is made up of our nation’s most accomplished military justice attorneys and scholars and is widely recognized as the leading authority on issues related to the fair administration of justice in the armed forces. In my role as a fellow, I hope to be an active and important part of the NIMJ’s efforts to promote justice in the military legal system and to increase the public’s understanding of military law.”

NIMJ is the nation’s only non-profit organization dedicated to the fair administration and enhanced public understanding of military justice. Its executive board and fellows consist of criminal and constitutional law scholars, private attorneys, and former judge advocates of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Since 1991, NIMJ has weighed in on many of the most vital military justice issues of the day through litigation, amicus briefs, academic conferences, prepared reports, and expert consultations. More recently, NIMJ has expanded into international aspects of military justice, including an amicus brief and oral argument in the International Criminal Court’s Ongwen case (favorably cited ten times in the ICC appellate court’s decision), and engagement in expert consultations on military justice in Ukraine.