Last Word….But Not a Final Farewell

I always love having the last word! This is the final note I will write for our Veterans Clinic newsletter as Brent Filbert is capably handling the reins of the organization and leading the charge into the future.  

My final few months have been filled with awe. I am astounded by the Clinic’s growth and its successful results for deserving clients. We have come a long way in 10 years, and even more exciting, have plans to move forward in new ways which will help service members and veterans for decades to come. Since our one- woman operation 10 years ago, the Clinic is now staffed with a bona fide “dream team.”  

Check it out on our new, improved and well-crafted website at I am very mindful that countless people contributed to the Clinic’s mission and growth and I am grateful for all of the support over the past decade. It is awesome, in the truest sense. 

The Clinic started for many reasons, including my fondness for Vietnam Era veterans. This is a picture of me and my father, Major Joe W. Green, from 1967. As many know, my father was killed in action in Vietnam on April 1, 1970. My greatest professional achievement has been honoring his memory through the work of the Veterans Clinic. I am humbled when I work with clients from this era, and also heartbroken that these veterans still need our help – more than 50 years after the war’s end. 

Although I am no longer the Clinic’s director, I will always remain a devoted Veterans Clinic fan and donor. I hope you will join me at the upcoming 10-Year Celebration on January 19, 2024, or at our annual symposium on April 19, 2024 at the Missouri School of Journalism. We can visit about the importance of honoring and serving all of our service members, as we reminisce about the past and witness the Clinic’s exciting plans for the future.  

I may be done writing for the newsletter, but I remain committed to the work of the Clinic with my heart and my treasures.  Hope to see you soon!