As we reflect on our ongoing mission to serve our nation’s heroes, we are proud to present a snapshot of our Clinic’s accomplishments to date. The dedicated efforts of our team, and your generous support, have brought meaningful change to the lives of veterans in need.

Over $15 Million in VA Disability Benefits Secured: We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully secured over $14 million in VA disability benefits for veterans. This not only eases their financial burdens but also acknowledges their invaluable service to our country. 

Tigers for Troops: Reaching Across Nearly 200 Counties: Our rural veteran outreach program, Tigers for Troops, continues to make a significant impact. We have extended our reach to nearly 200 Missouri counties, ensuring that veterans in remote areas have access to the support and resources they deserve. 

200 Students Matriculated: Almost 200 students have matriculated through the Clinic. 

Over 1,400 Veterans Assisted: We have provided support and guidance to over 1,400 veterans, helping them navigate the complexities of the VA system and secure the benefits they deserve. 

More Than 250 Veterans Directly Represented: More than 250 veterans have been directly represented by our team, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights protected.