Staff Spotlight — Meet Anita Cowan

a photo of anita cowan

Anita Cowan is the new executive assistant at the Clinic.

Anita Cowan is one of the Clinic’s newest staff faces. Beginning work for the Clinic in April, Anita serves as Clinic’s executive assistant. She has worked in several areas at the University of Missouri for more than 20 years, including the office of the vice chancellor for student affairs, as well as the dean of the Graduate School.

One of her dreams in life has been to work closely with veterans, as her husband Todd is an Army veteran; therefore, she has a very personal relationship to the work done in the Clinic. Anita also is a leader and social coordinator in the local chapter of Team Red, White, and Blue, a veterans non-profit organization.

“This position is the absolute best fit of any position for me,” Anita said. “I am married to a disabled veteran, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, and a leader for Team Red, White and Blue. Our veterans served selflessly for us; this is how I can do a small part to help them. It just seemed like the best place I could ever hang my hat.”

She lives in Columbia with Todd, while her two children live nearby. She also has family in the United Kingdom, where she was originally born, with whom she was able to connect with through genealogy research recently. She has an adorable dog named Max and loves watching episodes of reality TV while enjoying a nice glass of wine.