Student Spotlight – Meet Ethan Attebery

a photo of ethan attebery

Ethan Attebery earned the Filbert Award for his passion and initiative working as a student in the Veterans Clinic for the last two years.

After completing a degree in agribusiness at Oklahoma State University, Ethan Attebery decided to attend law school to earn a practical, versatile degree. Having just completed his 2L year at Mizzou Law, he has also found mentorship, real-world experience, and a full-time position.

“I knew that I wasn’t done with school,” Attebery said, “but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study next. I ultimately decided to attend Mizzou Law because the field is so practical, and you can enter many different careers with a JD— I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

During his time at Mizzou Law, Attebery credits Professor Drake and the Veterans Clinic for pushing him personally and professionally.

“I have really enjoyed making Columbia my new home while in school. The professors and fellow students at the law school are incredible,” said Attebery. “The highlight of my law school journey has been both working and participating in the Veterans Clinic.”

Ethan started working in the Veterans Clinic as a work study student his 1L year. As a work study student, Ethan helped with tracking Clinic metrics and developing and implementing a new client management software system. This project was a massive undertaking. In his 2L year, Ethan joined the Clinic as a student advocate and worked under the supervision of Clinic staff attorney Martha Kleinhesselink.

“Ethan was a compassionate and patient advocate for two very challenging cases,” Kleinhesselink said. “He stayed in constant communication with his clients and was always thinking ahead on ways to help maximize those clients’ benefits. His work was always on time and rarely needed revisions. Ethan was a stand-out student and has moved the Clinic forward in many ways. We will miss him!”

For his hard work and dedication to the Clinic, this spring Ethan was honored with the Filbert Award, which is given each year to a student in the Clinic who showed passion and initiative.

After his 1L year, Attebery completed an in-house internship with CareVet, a veterinary practice based in Saint Louis. The practice ultimately decided to extend a full-time, in-house offer— considered very rare for lawyers fresh out of law school.

“I always had a dream of working in-house and was so fortunate whenever they offered me the position,” Attebery said. “I hope to continue working in-house throughout my career.”

This fall, Attebery will begin full-time work a year early while simultaneously taking evening classes at Saint Louis University to complete his law degree.

Though Mizzou Law is sad to see him go, Attebery is sure to do great things as he takes the skills and knowledge he’s acquired at Mizzou Law and puts them to work in the Saint Louis legal community.